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Anyone on here lost a large amount of weight?

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I have lost 90, but I had weight loss surgery. It was the lapband, not bypass, but either way, you still have to exert a certain amount of self control. In the case of the gastric bypass, you tend to get sick if you eat too much fat or sugar. With the lapband, you cannot eat alot of starchy foods, or you get blocked and that's just MISERABLE!!! In both cases, the surgery can be unsuccessful if you do not follow your body's signals. The surgeries create a smaller pouch, and you can stretch it out if you do not eat slowly, chewing thoroughly, and taking a few moments between each bite. You then give your brain time to pick up on the signals from your stomach that you are full.


I still have about 60 lbs to go, but have been really sick, so I've been at a standstill. Which is better than gaining, I guess!

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At one time I lost 55 pounds. I have hypothyroidism. I was put on synthroid and glucophage(for blood sugar because my pancrease wasn't working right due to being hypo). I also was on the South Beach Diet and at the time felt great and lost that much weight in about 5 months.

Fastforward a little. After that I had gotten pregnant with my 4th daughter, had the best pregnancy of my life and the worst delievery of my life. My daughter was born with multiple health problems ( not due to anything I do or genetics or hereditary, just happened) and my health began to spiral because of the lack of sleep , stress and constant traveling. My diet fell on the way side. I spent to many times sitting in the hospital . I gained it all back. I also feel I am still having thyroid probelms even though my blood work continues to come back in the "normal" range.

Can losing the weight be done? You bet. As long as your thyroid is being well managed.

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Lost about 75 with light aerobic activity & Atkins diet plan. I have never responded well to any diet that includes rice & pastas... so Atkins was wonderful.


Kept it off for several years until I got diet-lazy in graduate school and lived off a deli and snicker bars... worked & took large loads of classes, etc. I neglected the food & being careful.

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