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Musings on having a cleaning woman?

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I'd hire a cleaning lady if I could!


have you read Proverbs 31? That lady is doing everything EXCEPT cleaning, lol!


15 She gets up while it is still dark;

she provides food for her family

and portions for her servant girls.


I [kinda] jokingly tell dh that he's holding me back: I can't be a proper Proverbs 31 wife unless I have servant girls to care for!:lol:


of course, I also tell him he needs to get outta the house and go sit at the city gates... ;)


YES! I actually just noticed that for the first time last week, after many many times of reading this passage. I struggle with getting everything done around the home that I would like and recently my husband broached the idea of bringing someone in to clean occasionally. We haven't done it yet, because I have a hard time justifying spending the money on something I *should* be able to get done myself (if I were only a better keeper of my home, blah blah blah). But realizing that the "worthy woman" had servant girls to help her out so she could focus on other worthwhile pursuits really is helping me readjust my perspective! Because I certainly do find the time I spend researching and in school prep and in teaching to be much more worthwhile than deep cleaning chores- which is why they often get put off. hmmm......

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