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4th grade History?


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I am beginning my 3rd year homeschooling my son who is going into 4th grade. He is the type of child who loves learnig about everything. And history is one of his favorite subjects.


For 3rd grade we did a year long study of the presidents and governments. We also learned about different countries, antarctica, alaska (began with a discussion of the Iditarod and took a life of its own).


In 2nd grade we learned about the pilgrims and declaration of independence and boston tea party, etc.


I pretty much go wherever he wants to go.


For 4th grade I was thinking of doing a year long study of the states, with detours to learn about the statue of liberty, mount rushmore, etc.


On the other hand I was thinking of using Pearson Learning Core Knowledge grade 4 which covers Using Maps; World Mountains; Europe in the Middle Ages*; The Spread of Islam; African Kingdoms; Dynasties of China; The American Revolution*; The United States Constitution*; Early Presidents: Washington through Jackson; and American Reformers.


I'm so confused!!! Any thoughts?

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Well, I'm a fan of studying history chronologically, as are many WTM-inspired homeschoolers.

You certainly can do whatever floats your boat--

I would probably start the rotation with my dd in 4th, if I hadn't done it yet. So for you, I'd recommend doing SOTW 1, Ancients. I'd do a lot of reading aloud and give him plenty to read on his own. I'd probably use the recommendations for 5th grade Ancients in WTM. There is plenty of mapping, mostly, of course, in the Mediterranean regions. You could beef up the Activity Guide, and have him use Kingfisher or Usborne to add in extra information.


THen in 5th you'd do Medieval, 6th you'd do Early Modern (that's where lots of American History comes in). 7th grade would be Modern History. Then you'd have another rotation, perhaps with Great Books or just some really good ones, and Sr. Year you could do Gov't and Econ.


Just a thought!

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If you are not doing a 4-year rotation, you could look at some of the resources Sonlight has for their Core 3+4 which is US history condensed into one year. My ds did it for 4th grade and loved it. There are probably better spines that people on the board can recommend but the literature is great. The Daniel Boorstin book is in black and white and is old-fashioned looking but there is enougth there for some creative and instructive rabbit trails.


Best of wishes and good luck!

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