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American History curriculum?


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We plan on using Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Studies ... I got the guide for free and we will use the library for most of the books.


I have been having a hard time deciding on history for 1st grade, but this seems like the curriculum closest to what I want. But I think the "I Love America" series posted by skaterbabs looks nice too ... something for me to keep in mind for 2nd grade!!

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Ambleside Online does American history every year.

I believe they do American biographies in 1st and This Country of Ours in 2nd-5th.


Highland Latin does American or Geography every year. They use Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans (Edward Eggleston) for K-2 along with biographies such as the D'Aulaire books. In 3rd they focus on the geography of the U.S. - memorizing the states and capitals, etc. (4th/5th are world geography) followed by another Edward Eggleston American history book in 6th.


Core Knowledge/Pearson (What your ____ needs to know) does American every year. They do biographies in K, a two year run through history for 1st-2nd followed by a more in-depth four year cycle in 3rd-6th.



What I do:

I do American and World as well.

I follow Core Knowledge for K-2. For 3rd-4th I use Oak Meadow 4 and 5 (both American history) but I combine them. Rather than running through American history twice in two years. I do a two-year cycle of American History - adding in some of the Core Knowledge 3rd-6th as well. For 5th-7th I use Hakim's History of US along with the teaching guides. Not there yet, but I plan to use Oak Meadow 8 (U.S. Civics) for 8th and I am still undecided on high school. All grades include additional tweaking throughout, simply because I enjoy it.

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I've just this year had my older dd(7th) split history into two separate studies but my dd going into 1st is going to always study two chains of history-American and World.


My dd (1st) will study World History and this for American:

Term 1

Early America Study involving mostly a focus on Native Americans and Pilgrims-I've collected a lot of great picture books and I also have (as MelissaB pointed out) the Core Knowledge books for a resouce. We'll start with D'Aulaire's Columbus. I also have picture books such as Sarah Morton's Day and The First Thanksgiving. We will also read Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims.


Term 2

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days

and other books to support the colonial days.


Term 3

D'Aulaire's books on Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln


We are also going to use parts of an Abeka history book and our volume of poetry (Holiday Poems for Young Readers) to integrate an introduction to all the major holidays and why we celebrate them.


My history plan for her is still a little eclectic. It is one of the many things I still need to work on over the summer but hopefully this helps a little. Mater Amabilis is a catholic Charlotte Mason site but they also study both National and World history each year.



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