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Tete bien faite: help translate, please

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Tete bien faite: great-head, the head well made


Are these good translations? Does it mean something similar to "the well trained mind?" If so, I have an interesting post soon about it on the General board. (If not, still a post but not quite as interesting.)


Anyway, I just wanted to check it out with an actual French speaking person before I made a complete idiot out of myself with a poor translation.



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The closest translation would definitely be "Well trained mind".


It refers to someone very logical, very knowledgeable.


I've also seen it in reference to a good looking gal. But it's not the original meaning. It's more a derivative, whereas men are known for their brain, women for their look.


Ooh, a quick google brought back some memories! I'd forgotten Montaigne was the one who coined the term "Une tête bien faite est mieux qu'une tête bien pleine". (A mind capable of reasoning is better than a mind full of facts)

I had to write a dissertation in grade 11 on that subject, where I got around 80%. My brother then took my paper, and presented it in university, as is. He got 95% LOL! Too funny.

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