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PH Science - Earth

Chez J

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Hi all,


Working on inputting lesson plans for next year. Haven't bought PH Science yet, but plan to use the Earth's Water and Weather science for next year. Does it come with a scheduled lesson plan that I can type into HST, or do I have to create my own? Has anyone created one for these two small books that I can have if it's not copyrighted? Even if it's in Excel or Word?


Also, what all do I need to get? I remember reading about a CD for lab books or something to go along with the texts. Any good supplements like science kits, books from library, or anything else to know about?





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They don't come with a lesson plan. The teacher book has a loose schedule for each chapter giving recommended number of class periods or blocks for each section, but that's it.


When my dd was in 5th grade, I scheduled 2-3 days for each chapter section and 1-2 days for labs in each chapter. This past year, I scheduled 1 day for most chapter sections, 2 days for the longer chapter sections, and rarely did the labs. By 8th grade, my dd had already done most of the labs. She's my sciency kid and has been in activity-based science co-ops for years.


The Lab Zone E-Z Planner cd-rom is helpful if you don't have the teacher book. It gives the teacher information for every lab in the entire series. Don't bother with it if you have the teacher books though. It doesn't tell you anything more than the teacher books do.


The teacher books aren't necessary, but some people will prefer to have them. For most of the titles I have either the student book or the teacher book, but not both.

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