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Which level of WWE would be best for ds who has not done any dictation or narration?


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I would just pull out level 2 and try a few lessons (at different points in the book) with him. If you read the selection, ask him the questions, and ask for a 2-3 sentence summary (in complete, well-constructed sentences) can he do it? If he struggles, I'd do level 2. If it's relatively easy for him, I'd go on to level 3.

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If he is already accustomed to copywork and narration, I would start him at least at the half-way mark of Level 2. You will probably find that he can do even more and you may find yourself moving him through the program at a faster pace (skipping through some of the weeks).


I think you will find that he will be ready for Level 3 quite quickly!


I found this to be the case with my dd who I started using WWE mid-way through this "school" year....I had her start with Level 1 and she is almost done with Level 2.


We love WWE....I have become empowered as an educator and she has become empowered in her abilities as a writer!



wife and mom to 4

DD 8.5

DS 6.5

DS almost 3

DS 4.5 months

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