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s/o TV ad volume

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Nothing to do with ads. . .


This has become such a big problem for me in movies that I rarely go to the theater any more. In this past year it has become a problem during TV shows as well.


The background noise seems now to essentially drown out any dialogue.


I know it's not just me, as my kids have this problem too. We have all recently had our hearing checked (not a screening, and actual check) and came out with "impressive results".


My tv has this "setting" that supposedly you can diminish the background noise of programs, and it's set to do that, but I'm telling you, the tv is about to go because I feel like I'm watching a silent movie without the benefit of subtitles.


Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution suggestion?

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Really quiet dialog and ear shattering sound effects? Oh yeah.


It irritates me as much as movies that are so dark you can't see anything that's going on.


I wonder if they realize, it doesn't make you pay closer attention, it makes you change the channel.

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I've had my hearing checked multiple times over the past several years....but they always tell me I'm fine. But I don't feel fine. I avoid watching movies if there is no subtitle/captioning available....being able to read along what's being said is the only way for me to enjoy a show anymore....otherwise I either don't know what's happening or I ruin it for those around me by saying "What did he say" repeatedly.


I seldom go to movie theatres because of this....well, ok, plus the ridiculous cost but that's another story. One theatre in our area has recently started showing movies with closed captioning.....it's limited to certain time(s) but it may make me able to return to some movies that are best viewed on a big screen.


The only time I really don't like the words on the bottom of the screen are news reports.....the captioning tends to have quite a lag time.....and so it can be disconcerting to be reading one news report and have the pictures be of something completely different, lol. But.....it's better than not knowing what was said at all.

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