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I know I have been peppering this board with questions, but I appreciate all your responses. I'm a first time home schooler home schooling a 6th grade child with Asperger's. He's very advanced on some subjects and not on others, so I am really struggling at finding the right curriculum for him. Plus, I'm not very rich, so buying curriculum is really hard to do.


I was wondering how to compare the 7th grade Apologia General Science book with the grade school Apologia books. Are the grade school ones challenging in and of themselves, or would you consider using the upper grade ones for a child advanced in Science and math?





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General Science is going to be more challenging than the Apologia Elementary series, especially the elementary books that Jeannie Fulbright first wrote, such as Astronomy, when her own kids were younger. The writing is a bit more dense in General Science. The elementary series reads like a meaty picture book to me (which I like for elementary).


If your ds is science minded 6th grader, I would start with General Science. Several of my dc used General Science in 6th with no problems(one actually started the latter half of 5th grade).





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I would say start with the General Science then. The General science is a very 'meaty' program so it should be something he would enjoy. I had a chance to look at it because I was trying to decide on wether to start with this for 6th or stay with the Apologia Elementary series. After looking at it, for us, I decided to stay one more year with the Elementary series. My oldest likes science but isn't that science minded to start with the General Science yet. Plus we came from using a VERY dry science program when we were with a cyberschool and it all but killed my daughter's love for science. It wasn't until I bought the Elementary science , now my daughter loves science and I catch her reading the elementary science books for fun.

Now if he likes to focus on one thing he actually may like the Elementary science to read in his spare time.

But if your looking for something more rigorous and academic then the General Science would be your best bet.

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