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Bedtime story?

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I can see it....sweet!


Thanks! Funny thing is I've never seen him do that before. The story has the word "dog" in it repeatedly, so I'm sure she's listening with rapt attention in case someone says "Give the dog a treat" or something she likes to hear. :D

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Here is a direct link to my albums. If that doesn't work it must be something up with google/picasa.




It's the one titled Mom's Favorite Pics (It's a new album--so far just one pic).


If you have time to kill, I also have our Grand Canyon vacation pics up. ;). I need to organize a bit as some ended up in the wrong folder--but they should be there.

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Here it is:




Cute pic--that dog looks like he is your ds's best buddy.


Yep! He loves that silly dog. She is actually oldest ds's 11 b-day present but Huskys are not known for being one-owner dogs. We are all "her people".


For the longest time her plume of a tail (curls up over her back most of the time) was right at the height of the poor little guys face. Thankfully he got taller and they're buds again. ;)

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