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My son did the pre level 1 chemistry Real Science in 1st grade and he really learned a lot from it. I love the colorful pictures and the approach in teaching it to elementary school students.


My brother in law, sister and mother are in the medical field and have obviously studied all the sciences. They all are very impressed on how the information is presented and the hands on experiments. My son will be in 4th grade in the fall and we are going to be using the Level 1 books. My son cannot wait to start working through the books.

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Not familiar with Real Science, but Great Science Adventures were more of an outline for how to plan your own science along with a LOT of artsy-craftsy cutting/pasting to make booklets.


It looks like you have a very young elementary student; at that age we just picked an overall science field for the year (life science; earth science; chemistry; or physics), and then read library books, watched science videos did lots of experiments and kits, and went on field trips to cover all the topics in that general science field to keep alive the love of learning, and to develop that sense of discovery and exploration that young children already have.


Below are links to several past threads on Great Science Adventures. BEST of luck in finding what works best for your family. Warmest regards, Lori D.



Thoughts on Great Science Adventures



Great Science Adventures -- Opinions?



Opinions on Great Science Adventures by Dinah Zike?


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