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This technology intrigues me. Does anyone have one (or a Kindle) and what do you think of it??? Is it easy to use? Are books readily and cheaply available??
My husband loves, loves, loves his Sony reader, though he reads mostly public domain materials. Did you see that Google Books are going to be offered free through Sony e-Books Store?


I'll probably get a second exclusively for DD the Elder (very handy in the car). I'm not quite ready to jump on the bandwagon... but can see doing it when there are a few more features.

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I have one and I love it. My dh bought it for me and I got 100 free classics from the Sony eBook store with it. Plus, I use a lot of public domain books, and occasionally a purchased download. Dh said he bought it because he was tired of lugging a huge bag of books to the beach each year! :001_smile: I have had no issues with reading it. The pages "turn" a tad bit slow, but we are talking 2 second delay here--not 1 min or anything. Anyhow, it is great for trips for the avid reader who would have to either lug a ton of books on vacation or buy books.


As far as price for the purchased books, they vary. The newest bestsellers are priced only a little less than buying the hardback at the store. But the older books or things that were not on the best seller list are more economical.

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I love my Kindle 2 as well! I have mostly free books on mine (you can download classics off the net), but I also have lots of church leadership books, and current bestsellers. Most new books are priced at 9.99 or less from Amazon, so it is significantly cheaper than buying a hardback. Older books generally cost less. I love being able to browse and buy on the go... several times someone has recommended a book to me, I pull out my Kindle, and in 30 seconds I have the book. Ready to read! I've read several novels on it all the way through, and it is just as immersive as holding a book... fast page turns, easy to read... well worth it for me as I'm trying to de-clutter our home. It makes as much sense as the Ipod did for our print-heavy family.

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