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If my phone rings one. more. time. I. WILL. scream!!!

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I have had eight, yes, *8* political phone calls today. Of the times I answered. DH hung up on 2 calls when a person didn't answer quick enough. I have 2 sick children, the oldest wants to do schoolwork :rolleyes: and the youngest is whiney and 3yo ('nuff said!). I do NOT want to listen to your spiel about who I should vote for. I have ALREADY voted via absentee ballot. LEAVE. ME. ALONE:mad:


Rant over.

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I don't answer my home phone, but I do check the caller i.d. when it rings. The kids know to check the caller i.d. to see if one of their friends or DH or I are calling -- that's the only time they are allowed to answer the phone.


If I get a lot of phone calls, I turn the ringer off.


The people who need to be able to get in touch with me have my cell phone number and everyone else has my email address.


Sometimes this annoys people, but I don't care. Our home phone is for our convenience and we pay for it, so we get to make the rules.

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We did have one political person come to the door. He was a Dem and I answered the door(I am a rep dh is a dem) So I told the guy I would get my dh. During their conversation the guy asked if I would like to hear what he had to say. DH said no she's a Rep. I almost fell of my chair laughing. Not sure why it was so funny I guess you had to be there.

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We usually answer our phone during the day because it's also my dw's work line, but if she is swamped and not able to take calls or if I really need quiet for an hour, we turn the ringer down and let the answering machine get it. The world can wait.


On a side note, am I the only one who enjoys playing with phone canvassers for candidates I would never, ever vote for (which is most of them)? "Oh, has s/he finally changed position on Hot-Button Issue X?" Doesn't help with those weird canned messages, but at least I can actually yell down the phone at the recording, saying all the things I wish I could to the candidate. :D


Or maybe I just need to get out more... ;)

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