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Ocean City, NJ - favorite things

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Dh and I have lived in O.C. for the last 24 years and we never get tired of going to the Boardwalk. Lots of stores, amusement rides and water park , lots of miniature golf. Also just fun to stroll and just people watch.


best places to eat.

off of Boardwalk at 9th and Central is Katina's Greek Restaurant (one of our favorites).


On Boardwalk:

3 Brothers Pizza (the largest slices ever, one slice is enough for adult and kids could even share


Shrivers Gelato is great. It is around the music pier which is on the Boardwalk around 8th or 9th. Lots of great flavors and they let you sample as many flavors as you want.


Johnson's Carmel Popcorn, you have to get some of this


best fudge is Fudge Kitchen which is right across from Music Pier


best sit down resturant on the Boardwalk is Dell's which is near the Playland Rides, great salads, cheesesteaks , chicken cheesesteaks, dh love the mahi-mahi sandwich


now if you want to leave Ocean City, about 20 minutes south is the Cape May Zoo which is very nice and free. You get there from the Garden State Parkway which has an entrance just out of O.C.

Also the city of Cape May is nice if you like Victorian House but is about 35 minutes south of O.C.


any more questions just ask. Where are you coming from? Driving or flying?

Are you staying near the Boardwalk? You can answer these on private message if you don't want to answer here.

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Jeannie gave you great info (except I prefer Mack & Manco's pizza). A few words of advice:


don't feel like you have to plan activities. A day on the beach followed by a night on the boardwalk is something you'll want to do again and again and again.


There are more places to eat on the boards than you'll be able to visit in an entire week. No need to look elsewhere for anything!


If you get a cloudy day or a cold, windy one, I suggest you check out the Cape May County Zoo, which is free (they take donations at the entrance). I've been to the Philly zoo, and let me tell you, I MUCH prefer the one down the shore! Also, you might want to check out Cold Spring Village (http://www.hcsv.org) -- an open air, living history museum. It's just a bit further away than the zoo.


Or, if you're going next week, you could come visit me in North Wildwood :D


HAVE FUN!!! There is NOWHERE else on earth I'd rather be than the Jersey shore (and I've been to Cancun -- three times -- Jamaica, and the Bahamas)!!

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and also both my dc are adopted and when the agency called to tell us about our son, when the case worker told me ds's birthday, I said "Oh you must be looking at my dd's file as that is her birthday, the worker said "well quess what, that is also you new son's birthday". That is when I knew that my children were meant for me just as much as a birth child.

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OC, New Jersey is my family's favorite vacation spot. (we're going to do Disney and a Disney cruise this summer so we'll see if the opinion changes;) Anyhow, we've always stayed at the Tahiti Inn at 12th and Ocean, it's very close to the boardwalk which is pretty much our evening entertainment.


Love Cape May Zoo and Stone Harbor is not too far either. Lots of good memories from our vacations there. Enjoy!!

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If you don't think your sons are too old for it, visit Strathmere. It's just south of Ocean City. There is usually a big tide (tidal?) pool, depending on the tide at any given time, that is perfect for hunting hermit crabs. The beach there is less crowded and has a more natural feel because there is no boardwalk with amusements. We escape there when OC gets too loud and crowded and we want the kids to stop asking us to buy them stuff.;)

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