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EPS The Paragraph Book series?


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And, we're most likely doing OM 5 next year! The entire first Paragarph book is about writing a "how to" paragraph and essay. ( ie. How to open a jar) It gives a formula...something like First..Next..Then...Finally. It also does quite a bit with editing marks. We used it for a few months, then ds (and I) became tired of writing the same kind of paragraphs over and over. Little by little, the child is taught to add more details until the paragraph becomes longer.


I'm still toying around with the idea of using the next book in the series with OM 5 next year. The 2nd book in the series teaches writing an narrative essay, again starting out with the First...Next...Then...Finally formula.


I think they're very well done. Hope this helps!



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I had the Paragraph Book 1 and I meant to use it with my kids several years ago but never got started. Book 1 starts with the first, second, next, last formula (don't quote me on this but this is what I remembered). It is a step by step writing instructions and also have rubric to follow, both for the student and the teacher. If I didn't find home2teach.com and IEW, I may have tried this curriculum.

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