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What do you like for roots-based vocabulary?

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I'm beginning to think ahead to SAT testing, and wondering if we should include a little roots-based vocabulary into the schedule this coming year. We're not big on worksheets/workbooks here, but can use one if it can be adapted for oral use. We really liked English from the Roots Up vol. 1 & 2, with a root, definition and description of its use, and then words based on that root. We have the Cartoon Vocabulary, though the boys aren't as fond of that one -- it doesn't give you the root and meaning, plus "spin-off" words.


Any other ideas, with your description of how it is laid out and/or how you used it? Thanks! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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I haven't used it, though.


It's not a workbook. The student makes notecards with the roots on them (three a week). There are games suggested for reinforcement.


Like I said, I haven't used it, so my opinion is just based on looking over the program. Here is a post where I compared Vocabulary Vine with Roots and Fruits:


Comparison of Vocabulary Vine with Roots & Fruits

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