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LLATL blue set, can some one tell me about this?


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I know they state it is for 1st grade, but the description does not seem like 1st grade. It seems like more of a K phonics, learning to write, etc. age program. Am I wrong?


Here is what my son can do now;


he knows 98%of his letters by site and sound now.

He is starting to figure out beginning sounds of words. (he is forever saying a word then telling me it starts with a certain letter or sound)

he can blend some sounds together when looking at a word and sound it out to make the word. Like fat, cat, etc.

He writes his first name w/o help.

Writes 75% of letters by memory. The rest with help.


Would this program be at his level?

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I agree it is a good K program.

I find that the LLATL programs are best for most if used 1 year before the grade level intended.


that is good to know. I was looking at the orange set I have here and was thinking it looked like a lower level than 4th grade. Now I don't feel like I am insane.

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