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Christian Light Education Bible & Math - How do you think it measures up??

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Hi There,


For next year, I want to have a few subjects that are "open and go" and I'm thinking that math will be one of them. I'm looking at CLE for math; I've had her start taking the diagnostic tests and I'm thinking that she'll be good at the 5th or maybe 6th grade level. I don't mind if she starts a year behind (she'll be in 6th, next year) because I make her do a lot of math...year round. So, by 7th, she would be back at grade level...either way.


I'm also thinking of having her do their Bible studies this next year.


What do you all think? Can you compare? She's actually fairly good at math, but she just got burned with me trying her on Saxon. SO, I'm thinking that a consumable book with a good foundation....


What do you think??

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CLE is very similar to Saxon, so if it was the style of the program that really didn't work, you may want to rethink. All the review has driven my oldest batty, but he needed it and we are moving to other materials for prealgebra next year. My younger one really doesn't need as much review, but she's fine with it. Both have done fine teaching themselves and have stellar standardized test scores after doing their grade-level programs.

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CLE Bible is not Sunrise edition after 4th grade. The 4th grade material is coming out this summer. I did not find the non-Sunrise editions to be open and go. In order to make it flow correctly, the teacher needs to sit down and figure out how many pages the student should be completing each day. The content was good, but we ended up dropping the Bible curriculum this past year.


Just thought I would mention this.


Math, on the other hand, has been great for my three daughters. It is completely open and go.



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Saxon and CLE seem similiar because they both use an incremental approach (teaches a bite-size of the new concept) with a spiraling review of concepts previously learned. One HUGE difference I see between CLE and Saxon 5/4 text I have is that CLE has problems written out in the consumable workbook whereas Saxon required student to hand write all the problems on a separate sheet of paper. We've just started in CLE, but so far it has been open and go.

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