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Things to do in Chicago without going downtown

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I think Evanston is about 45 min away, but it's very nice and you can walk around the lake. (And I've previously plugged Vogue Fabrics, if you're into that.)


Mitsuwa Marketplace is in Arlington Heights and is about 30 min away. It's got things to do for a few hours perhaps (depending on your interests) -- it is not very large. I didn't notice anything especially interesting in the area, outside of the mini-mall (they have a food court, large grocery store, bookstore, and so on). By the way, they're not kidding about their sign being hard to see.

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Go to Naperville! It's a 20 minute drive southwest.




Yes, come to my town. We have the DuPage Children's Museum, Naper Settlement (a living history museum), the Riverwalk, Centennial Beach (a swimming area from a converted quarry.)


Not in Naperville, but nearby ...

Cantigny - a museum dedicated to the first infantry. Artifacts and displays of all the wars the First Infantry division was involved in. Plus real tanks for the kids to climb. This is in Wheaton.


Danada Equestrian Center in Wheaton


Blackberry Farm - out west of Aurora.


Oh, and how could I forget the Morton Arboretum. If my son wasn't working at the library today, I'd join you for a picnic there:)! One of our favorite places!

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The Frank Lloyd Wright thing is a good idea -- I think Oak Park is where most of his stuff is.


The DD's & I had a fun day at the Brookfield Zoo today, our first time there.


If you want to check out the lakefront, perhaps go to Northwestern University in Evanston and meander the campus. It's quite pretty along the Lake.


Have fun!

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