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Father's Day gift ideas

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Might I recommend a nice striped necktie? :D


:D No, no. We did that for his birthday last April.


My hubby is getting 'Beyond Belief' by Josh Hamilton. He asked for it and I'm dying to read it myself.


Don't know what else....

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A 5-opening picture frame, with pictures of the kids holding large spray-painted white letters to spell the word D-A-D-D-Y. One letter in each opening. Black and white pictures. Each kid will have one individual, and there will be two group pictures.

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Mine wants a small-sized Channel Locks to match the large one he got for his birthday... so that's what he'll get. The nice bonus is they are made in the US (in PA at that), so that'll be our little 'spur' to the economy.


Then we'll head out geocaching... probably a mountain hike, but I need to find one first. We've had our eye on one in Harper's Ferry... so far it's top on my list. We'll just have to see if it's top on his list...

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What's dad getting for fathers day??


We are taking him out for a seafood dinner(we are in New England:)), mini golf and ice cream at his favorite place. Then we will hit the drive-in (the kids LOVE going) and watch the movie UP:)

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JC Penney portraits has a coupon for free sitting fee and a free 8X10 right now. So my dh is getting a pic of the kids as one of his gifts. We haven't had a professional group picture of our children taken before so I think he will be surprised.


We usually buy him some of his favorite tea and chocolate covered almonds for Father's Day. Other than that I am out of ideas.


Update: Thanks for the Father's Day reminder - I just ordered him new swim trunks. He is really tall and they are hard to find in the store so I order them in tall for him. Yeah!

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Oh gosh! :( I have not thought about it at all really. We will have to make him something tomorrow while he is at work. My oldest will not be here on Father's Day (he will be with his grandma on his dad's side - dh is his step-dad). My dh doesn't like the traditional stuff. He doesn't want sweets (because will EAT them LOL), don't want me to spend lots of money to buy him something he probably won't like anyway (he is super picky about everything). Gosh! I have no idea. EEP!


Then, there is my dad who is getting a divorce...I guess I oughta at least send him a card, huh?

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A gray pocket T-shirt [his eyes are steely blue/gray].


On the pocket, it will say "My Kids Walk All Over Me


On the back, it will have this poem:


"Walk a little slower Daddy,"

said a child so small,

"I'm following in your footsteps

and I don't want to fall.


Sometimes your steps are very fast,

Sometimes they're hard to see;

So walk a little slower, Daddy,

For you are leading me.


Someday when I'm all grown up,

You're what I want to be;

Then I will have a little child

Who'll want to follow me.


And I would want to lead just right,

And know that I was true,

So walk a little slower, Daddy,

For I must follow you."

each child will have their own color paint, and we'll put their footprints all over the shirt.


we did one yeeeears ago and he wore it EVERYWHERE. but we've had a few more kids since then......

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I'm taking the kids today to get their picture taken together since he's always asking for pictures of them to put in his office at work. We've never had professional pics taken of the kids before so he'll really like this...that is if they cooperate and smile for the camera! We'll also be making a nice breakfast for him since it's his favorite meal of the day, and he usually has to cook his own!

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