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FYI: conservative Christian history spine

Guest 4boys

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Guest 4boys

So after spending the last couple of weeks researching my brains out trying to find the "perfect" history to do with my young students...I finally received in the mail today what I will be using as my spine for all of the grammar stage to introduce world history: R&S's Understanding the Old World.


It is technically their Grade 7 history textbook but after reading every sample page I could find, I decided that this was the one.


It is fairly narrative even though it's a textbook and touches on all of world history (including Ancient China, India, etc.) from a very conservative Christian viewpoint, citing Bible verses and prophesies throughout the text. There are lots of pictures, maps and a bit of a timeline introduces each chapter. There are also sections on important people of each time period. There's even a section on the Anabaptists which works for me because that is my background. From what I can tell, I think it will be interesting and very understandable for my 7 and 5yo sons to listen to.


I was looking for something written from a Christian viewpoint that does a good overview of world history. I want to go more in depth once we reach logic stage history and beyond. I also didn't want to spend a pile of money and this definitely fit my preferences.


Just wanted to share, in case someone is looking for something similar. We haven't actually used it yet but I'm quite excited about it. If anyone is interested, here is a link to R&S Books: http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com/item/1-19701/?list=Rod_and_Staff_Social_Studies

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It's funny that you mentioned this because I, too, have been in pursuit of the same type of "spine" for my logic stage dd. I thought this looked great, too, so I ordered it earlier today. I have MOH Ancients, but I really feel that it is too easy for my rising 6th grader. There are some great thought provoking questions in R&S. Looking forward to receving it.


Thanks for your post.



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