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Ideas for Care Package needed - friend is stuck at hospital with her baby

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How about individually wrapped snack foods, change for drink machines, magazines and puzzle books, candy, notecards (for her to use to write to others, maybe?), calling card (if she needs to call long distance), gum...


I will think more, but this is it off the top of my head.


I will be praying for them today!

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Gift cards would be great---gas station, fast food, a prepaid credit card (for the hospital cafeteria), a good book, word search or other puzzle book. Lotion as the hospital is quite dry. It can be expensive to stay in the hospital with a sick child.


If she is able to get phone calls, that would be wonderful. It is SO lonely at the hospital with a sick child and NO ONE to talk to. I would have LOVED visits or phone calls the 5 times we were inpatient.


When they get home, gift cards for pizza, take out, etc. would be nice as she likely will be very tired.



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How kind of you to encourage her that way. I will share from my experiences in the hospitals with my son. If they do not send a tray for her to the baby's room,fresh fruit and healthy food can be expensive and hard to get to in the hospital. I never like leaving the floor for as long as it takes to get to the cafeteria. If this is her first time in the hospital with the baby it is probably even harder for her to leave the baby long enough to get food. Maybe you could use Peapod or another grocery delivery service to send her something like that. Before you do it, make sure she is allowed to have food in the room.


Other things that would be nice - cozy slippers, magazines, crosswords or other things to spend time quetly sitting by her baby. . .


I hope that the baby gets well soon.

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I have been where your friend is-my newborn was kept in the hospital for 17 days. I was released at day 3, but allowed to stay in the room. I did have meals brought by the cafeteria, but as already suggested, check to see if she needs food.


By far the thing I needed most in the hospital was underwear. I didn't know that I would be there so long, so I didn't pack enough. The hospital was an hour drive away and I had delivered by C-section. I couldn't leave my baby long enough to drive home anyway.


Also, make sure she has a robe and slippers.


What about trial packs of medicines- pain reliever, gas pain relief, etc. The hospital won't be allowed to give them to her if she is not a patient. Of course, if she is nursing, she will be limited in what she can take.


What about magazines or books or a journal. Chocolate?


Hope this helps,

Debbi in Texas

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