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could use travel thoughts/prayers

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Tomorrow I head out with the dc for NM/CO. My dh will not be with us. I'm trying not to panic. :) I'm actually really excited to have this time with my dc, to show them where my dh and I grew up, and to stay in my mom's house without her there!!! (She is in Hawaii w/my younger sister for the rest of the year.) We will be seeing the outlaws, too - always loads of fun. The hardest part will be getting to NM with a 5mo who detests her carseat. If anyone is in the Albuquerque/northern NM area and wants to connect, please PM me!


Oh, and I'm officially advanced maternal age today. yippee My bday present was waking up to 8 pairs of eyes staring at me, then a card being handed to me. When I opened the card it was one of those that has music, the song was something like "Bow wow wow yippe something or other..." Very upbeat and funny, but even funnier was my dc all dancing to the music - even my 2yo got into it. That alone made my day - my dc are my gifts, my greatest blessing.

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Have fun! Keep the kiddos occupied, stop a lot for them to run around at rest areas. Kids get cranky without enough exercise.


I'm leaving Thursday on a big driving tour, from Colorado to the UP of Michigan. Of course, my kids are older and I have less of them. My oldest will be helping me drive! (She has a permit.) So that will be enough to keep my nerves on edge.

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