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Interesting poll: Would you rather....?

Would you rather be on fire or be a girl/boy?  

  1. 1. Would you rather be on fire or be a girl/boy?

    • male: I'd rather be on fire
    • male: I'd rather be a girl
    • female: I'd rather be on fire
    • female: I'd rather be a boy

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Background: I'm at Applebee's eating with my family, and the children's menu asked some "Would you rather...?" questions about butterflies and caterpillars (an Eric Carle theme).


This evolves into a discussion between my dh and 10yo ds and 6 yo ds: "Would you rather be on fire or be a girl?"

Without hesitation both boys say "be on fire."

DH: "be on fire."

My dad who is eating with us: "be on fire."

The Young Life area leader who is serving us our breakfast at the restaurant: "be on fire."


Today, out homeschool group has a recitation. The eight boys eating ice cream post-recitation: "be on fire."

A homeschooling dad: "be on fire."


I'm at 100% of men who'd rather "be on fire" than be a girl.:lol:


So I started asking females: "Would you rather be on fire or be a boy?" (trying to parallel the language here, since I'm asking kids and adults).


I've got two female responses: "be a boy."


So now I'm asking you all to ask your husbands and kids this question and respond on the poll.


Curious to see if the trend continues. DH, my dad and I discussed why we're getting the answers we're getting.



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