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Having toruble with homeschooling options after 15 years

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SO next year will be year 15 for me. I think my problem comes from last year where everything fell apart. Last May, I enrolled both of my girls in a homeschool academy and the younger one in a homeschool co-op for most of their classes and had planned to supplement with math and a community college class for the older. Then in late Aug, the homeschool academy ceased, I had to suddenly find almost all my curriculum in a week, and on top of that, we had a huge tropical storm. We ended up moving in late Dec, we had lots of medical problems, and we are still not done with school. SInce we now live in VA, I hve to start planning since my notification is due in early AUgust.


I have applied to one co-op group but I am on a waiting list (#17) and the minister says they usually fill up high school and junior high first and that is what I have. Not only that, he interviews you and I know we don;t agree with a few points of their statement of faith (we are PCA and they are Baptist, we are OE and they are YE), but I figured my girls wouldn't take science there and I wouldn't contradict their teachings while I was there. So now I will have to go much further. I wanted my older to have debate experience since she is deciding between law, politics, and psychology. My younger is into math puzzles, engineering, and science. But she is also a very social person who loves to work for others. This year has been a struggle because I had misinterpreted her desires and thought the main thing she wanted was a strict schedule. She does want that but she wants approval fropm others which is where co-op or academy teaching better fits. And then the awfuk thought in my mind is that we might be moved again in the middle of the year like last year. We were supposed to move in October but dh moved alone in Nov and we followed right before Christmas. I prefer not to do that again but the USAF can be mighty funny at times. It doesn't help that I have bronchitis for the last four days and am very tired.

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You have had many changes and unexpected events this year! When I'm in a muddle about our schooling, it really helps me to widen the lens. Instead of looking at tree after tree, I pull back to the forest and revisit my original goals and purposes in homeschooling. Sometimes I do this through re-reading my favorite authors or through a long talk with dh or (mostly) time alone to think.


Once I've re-confirmed my original goals, including the way I would like our home education to ideally look, then my decisions begin to fall into place. Just today, I was re-thinking next year's schedule and made several changes that feel really right. After I'd made them I wondered, "what was I thinking?"


I've not moved much, and can't help you plan there. My instinct would be to plan as if I'm staying unless and until things changed.


HTH. Hang in there. :grouphug:


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Maybe there is a science museum in your area that offers classes your younger daughter could take? Or maybe an online class that would give her that approval from others? And if you do move again mid-year, an online class goes with you. :001_smile:

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I'm not quite to those grade levels yet, but wanted to say I do understand the rest of your struggles. I'm currently tired and about to move, then another move in 11 months.


The AF is crazy that way.


I do have Army friends who decided to homeschool because their high school age daughter got 4 years of American history and no world history because of frequent moves, they would not have considered homeschooling otherwise. They were in the Mantua school district, so most people thought they were crazy, but she really did have some big gaps in several areas from a bunch of moves.


Maybe you could look around for debate clubs? I would think there also would be all kinds of science and engineering opportunities in that area.


Have you read the HEAV updates? You might find some ideas there:



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