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Singapore and tutoring

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If I was to use Singapore to tutor someone over the summer, should I use the standards version or the US edition. The US is cheaper, but the standards would be more in line with the ps scope and sequence and we are trying to get her ready to start 4th grade ps in the fall.

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I would get Standards. You'll probably want that version anyway, you can save the textbooks for your children. For the earlier grades for review, you could probably get by with just the textbook. I really like the way the introduce multiplication and division in 1B (although I have the U.S. edition of that, I've just switched to the Standards Editions.) It is introduced more simply in 1B than in 2A.


If you're not going to save the books, you may want to go with U.S. editions and just buy a few workbooks for the various subjects not covered, there's a good thread somewhere listing what those are.

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I would get the Standards Edition. For the upgraded HIGs if nothing else. Especially if you are tutoring and are expected to bring a lot to the table.


And aren't the prices on the workbooks and textbooks only about $2 more. And they have a lot more content. So I'd call that a good value.



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