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Has anyone used Galloping the Globe in a coop setting??


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Our coops meet 10 weeks in fall, 10 weeks in spring and I'm trying to figure out a way to make this work. We could do it over the course of 2 years but sometimes it is hard to commit for such a long stretch . Any thoughts on what you would focus on and what you'd leave out. I'm thinking we'd keep it to Geography and people of those places...we'll skip the science component. Also, how did you deal with the copyright issues?? Did you have each family participating purchase a copy so that copies can me made for the entire class? I'm thinking that is the only legitimate way to use it in a coop setting legally but maybe I'm missing something.

Would appreciate any insight.



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Our coop used it for one semester (spring) and we did not cover all material. We the moms who wanted to teach pick a country and what week she wanted to teach. It was at the mom's discretion as to what topics she wanted to teach about the country. (science, language, food et cetera).


It worked out quite nicely and no one mom felt overwhelmed having to teach it all. Since each country is different, the different mom worked out well especially if she had experience with the country. We had Italian family teach about Italy.


Good luck!



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