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Has anyone aligned Potok's Wanderings to SOTW?


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I know this is a long shot, and I did search the previous messages, but ...


I am considering adding sections of Wanderings: Chaim Potok's History of the Jews to dd's social studies curriculum for this next year. We will be using SOTW vol. 1 as our spine, since this will be our first year homeschooling. (I also have the SOTW activity guide, the recommended encyclopedias, the intriguing, free Mosaic curriculum that's keyed to this ... lots of yummy stuff :D)


Has anyone already done this, so I can just pencil your "read pp x-y" into my SOTW activity guide?


Does anyone know of a useful study or activity guide for this book (Wanderings)? As a Jewish educator, I'm excited to add this component to our studies, but I have no particular penchant for reinventing wheels if that's not necessary ;)


Thanks in advance!

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She'll be 10 when we start, but she loves a good read-aloud (as does her mama ;) ). Another thing I have in my notes (trying to lesson plan social studies today) is when the SOTW chapter is a Torah/Bible story, have her read the original (such as in Plaut's Torah: A Modern Commentary, which I love) and compare the two (not sure whether that will be in writing, a Venn diagram, discussion). Perhaps we'll do the same later on when the story of Jesus is introduced; I have a NIV Bible here too and this would be her first formal introduction to that story (need to think through how I want to approach this as a Jewish homeschooler).


I'm trying to quickly read through SOTW v.1 myself today as part of this planning ... so far, I see that Ch.6 would sync up with the end of Noach (Gen. 11:24-32), Lech-Lecha (Gen. 12-17), and Vayera (Gen. 18:1-15) , and then the Joseph story is in Vayashev and Miketz (Gen. 37:1-36, 39:1-42:38)

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