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What books were you glad you purchased/read when doing SOTW1?

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DD read these several times herself and really enjoyed them:


Pyramids and Mummies


Usborne's Egyptians Beginners (Kid Kit)


You Wouldn't Want to Be a Sumerian Slave


Adventures in Ancient Egypt


You Wouldn't Want to Be a Greek Slave




Read Aloud:


Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters


Tales of Ancient Egypt by Green


The Illustrated Book of Myths by Neil Phillip


I have a full list up to Greeks on my curriculum sample, and on my blog. We really like the picture books.


I have a couple of related threads that I will try to link for you as well.

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i'm keeping track of responses in this thread, b/c this really interests me. i have a question for those of you who've replied -- do you feel that those books pointed you more in a direction of focus on historical PEOPLE or historical tales/myths/events? i was noticing in the WTM (previous edition) that she highly recommends making sure that you focus on BIOGRAPHICAL info as much as possible b/c that's the info that kids can hang other bits of info on later as they grow in their knowledge and understanding of history.


i'd be interested in your experiences.

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Hmmmm... well, Most of the biographical books are obvious, with the name of the person in the title. ;) If you buy such a book for every person you will spend a fortune. We have had a good mix, including some biographical. For young kids, I have found that the majority (not all) of the memorable biographical information is contained in myth. Tales of Ancient Egypt and The Story of the Romans contain biographical stories. Then there are myths about people in history. And then you have some historical fiction with main characters to connect to.


I think that the names of the cities and wonders of the ancient world can also work as pegs because DD has really taken an interest in those things, and the city names (or capitals) typically change as history changes.

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