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Series for history or add variety?

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I have dozens of books home from the library to preview for this fall's focus on ancient history. I have several of the People in the Ancient World series home including: The Ancient Ku****es, The Ancient Celts, The Ancient Chinese, Ancient India, and the Ancient Mesopotamians.


I have a couple of other series coming from the library. So, if you like the look of one series do you just use it exclusively or do you try to mik things around so the child is not looking at the same format 6 times. For me, that starts to feel like a textbook. However, it is easy:001_smile:


Just wondering what everyone else does when you are putting together your own history curriculum.

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The Ancient Ku****es ...


One has to admire those automated obscenity screening programs!


But to answer your question, we used whatever we could find at the library that was available. Some were in the same series, others were standalones. Also check out magazines such as Calliope which have single editions on many different topics of interest. Your library may have it.




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