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We made mozzarella cheese today!

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The messiest part was pouring the whey off the curds--it ran down my arm and seemed to get everywhere! Lol--but that could just be me; it didn't look that messy on the video when she did it.


I ordered the kit which contained the book, the DVD, and the cheese making supplies. Beyond that, my only expense was the milk. I did have a very, very difficult time finding milk that wasn't ultra pasteurized.

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Thanks for sharing how much fun this was. I want to order the kit now.

Was it messy at all and about how much do you think the ingredients cost you? Thanks!!



When we ordered the kit a few years ago, it cost $31 (I think) for the kit *and* shipping and handling. It makes thirty batches of 3/4 pound cheese though, so I figured it to be $1 per batch of cheese. It included a thermometer and cheese cloth, though, so a bit less than $1/batch. However, each batch of cheese also requires a gallon of milk, so add that to the cost.


The milk is easy to find here. I don't even know where I'd find ultra-pasteurized. So see what's in your area.


I don't think it's messy at all. It's hot to the hands when you are mixing, but otherwise, it's very simple, very tasty and lots of fun. My kids love this cheese.

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