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Check out the drama we had on the farm yesterday.

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My LGD's were in the pasture with the goats. Both attacks were during the day. We put one LGD in the barn at night. I have killed many snakes since we moved here - I'm really not afraid of them and as you can see, my DD8 is not either. My DH, however, did the dance - he is petrified of snakes and I'm just proud he was able to get the thing out of the cage with the pitch fork. This was a black rat snake, otherwise known as a chicken snake. It was over 5 feet long.

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Snakes are so good at getting in between anything. My only problem with snakes is my hubby will find one and keep trying to bring them home. THat gets the dogs all worked up, heck they even get worked up from the wild rabbits and squirrels. Of course when it is a true predator(like the bears) they stay quiet in rounds, my female goes first with sound while my male surrounds then they swap. So neat to wathc them work together.

Glad you were able to stop it before it did anymore damage.

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