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Q for CLE users?

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Do you buy the teacher guide with answers or just the answer keys? I was looking into their math program but not sure which to get? The teacher guide is cheaper than just the answer keys..why is that?


The Teacher Guides include the answers through 3rd grade and after that the answers can only be found in the answer keys. I *think* the answer keys are more spendy because they are identical to the light units, just with answers filled in. You can view samples on the CLE website. www.clp.org

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You definitely should have the teacher guides as well. Its sort of like insurance. You may not use it very often or at all but its there when you need it.

The answers are in the guides for 1-3 then after that you need to get the answer keys for the answers. But the teacher manuals are very helpful when you need them and they also include alternate tests for those times when your child doesn't pass an original test. My oldest actually didn't pass one of her math tests yesterday and I was very thankful I had the manual because now I can have her take the alternate test before moving on to the next light unit.


The answer keys are just answers only. They are not an exact replica of the Light Units. Its just a Light Unit with a list of answers in it. If you want lesson helps you will want the manuals as well.

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