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I loved Prentice Hall`s Biology Exploring Life - what about chemistry

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Jennifer - this is my first day on the forum. I came here looking for opinions about the Prentice Hall Biology for my 9th grader - what did you love about it? I can't find reviews or opinions anywhere. I heard of it through a friend who uses Kolbe, but she hasn't used it yet.



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P-H publishes several high school biology texts. P-H Biology is *different* from P-H Exploring Life; one is honors and one is regular biology. They also publish an AP biology book. How confusing!!


I guess I need to go check and see which one I actually have, lol!



Mother to Noah Age 13

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I used Exploring Life.


I loved it because it was so thorough. I had a textbook, a Student Online workbook with CD that has all kinds of activities for them to do, and a lab book.


I didn't have an answer key, so I had to skim the chapters and check my son's work, but it was okay.


I was able to go through the lab book and find about 20 labs we could do at home.


By the time my son had read the chapters, done the questions throughout the chapter, done the chapter review, done the online activities and labs I felt like he'd more than covered everything. I didn't even worry about quizzes, etc.


I liked the book, felt it was entirely readable and nicely done. Just an all-around great job.

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Hmmm. Good question. He probably averaged an hour a day.


On most chapters I either assigned the questions OR the online workbook questions (too much repetition otherwise).


We are doing a whole bunch of labs next week because we got behind on those. Depending on how you do it, it could be more or less time.

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