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Singapore NEM or Discovering Mathematics

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I am trying to decide between Singapore's New Elementary Math 1 and Discovering Mathematics 1. I have been on their website and seen the comparisons. I like the scope and sequence in NEM but the instruction in DM.


Can anyone give me a comparison from their own use? I want one that does a thorough job of explaining area, angles, etc. plus reviews all the basics.


I am hoping one of our local bookstores carries both and I can see them side by side without having to order them.

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I feel the same about NEM and DM! I did pick up a used set of NEM and might get DM to compare. So few have used DM to get a good critique of it.


I was afraid DM was too new to get much feedback. Bummer. Maybe I'll just get NEM and if it isn't doable I'll look at DM.

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