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High school credit for SOS Spanish I and II

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Given the discussion here http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95377, how many high school credits are earned by completing SOS Spanish I? My son did not complete a formal Spanish course previous to doing Spanish I (he did have some background in Spanish however). He has one more unit to do before completing Spanish I -- but I'm wondering if he has already earned one credit given this is a challenging course?


What about SOS Spanish II?




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I would give one credit for each year of study, if he completes a standard course of study. If he is within one unit of completing the program, and you want to take a summer break :) then I would award the credit. But I'd have him do that unit first in the fall, and then pick up Spanish II. If he moves steadily and consistently toward the end of that course, but doesn't quite finish, I'd probably do the same thing again. Award a unit for Spanish II, but have him finish it, before beginning whatever you intend for Spanish III.

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When my dd finished French 2 at home, I hired a local Christian school teacher to evaluate/work with her for a few weeks during the summer. She had certain skills that she felt should be taught in year 2, and pronounced my dd had learned them already. I believe they had to do with grammar skill such as the perfect tense.


You might try to consult with a typical "teacher" or review a typical text. Beware that most texts are more than a high school will complete in one year, and that high school years are about half of college years.


Not a lot of help here...


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