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Cheap and easy website start-up?

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I would like my children to set up a website this summer. How do I go about this? It must be very basic because I really don't know much at all. It needs to be cheap and safe enough for my children to use it (while supervised.) We would not be selling anything. I just want them to have the experience of learning to set up and maintain a website - not a blog. This can be an ongoing learning process. I do not expect them to learn everything they need to know over the summer. I typed in free website and cheap website and received many pages of hits, but I don't know anything about any of the companies. Suggestions?

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I have made several websites. My current website is hosted through Bravenet and it's relatively cheap. I can't remember how much I pay, but it was about $25 every 3 months or something. They also have a wizard that walks you through making the website. I also had GoDaddy before, but I kinda prefer Bravenet for some unknown reason. Oh, and on Bravenet, if you learn a little html, you can tweek your site without the wizard, which is cool after you've been doin' it for a while.


Hope that helps!

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