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? about getting pet from out of state(and a story)

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My cat died in Jan of a tumor in her nasal area. She was 18. I have another indoor cat, and I think she is lonely for a companion, she is 14. We all want another cat, but for whatever reason we are picky. Out of all the beautiful kittens in the shelters we have yet to fall in love. We have contacted a breeder, but so far they have yet to be successful with their mating. I really like the lady, and she agreed to take payments once breeding is succesfull to meet my budget. I have a little set aside. She did not sound very confident today about having kittens anytime in the near future. There are other breeders, and very difficult to find. I found one with kittens now but I don't have the money in my pocket right now. My heart sank when they gave their price. Then today I found someone who needs to get rid of a 20 month old due to health reasons. How to you ship, and how much does it cost to ship? It is out of state, and very far away. Everybody has their heart set on another Turkish Angora. If it were not for that we would have already had a new cat. I am almost afraid the 20 month old would already be attached and comfortable where she is. I did inquire. 2 indoor cats is our limit, as my oldest brings his cat for visits when he has to go out of town. We really prefer a kitten. Shoud I try for this 20 month old girl? Shoud I wait on this breeder? Tell her to forget it, as it seems to be too much effort for her? Tell the breeder that has kittens available that we want to lay a way? She may think I am tottaly nuts. At this point I am confused.

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Well, I've never shipped a cat, but I've been involved in dogs for quite sometime. We've shipped and received puppies over the years, they simply fly on a plane. Costs are determined, in part, by weight. I've never had a bad experience, and I've flown puppies in from overseas.


So, while it is completely possible to ship a cat, only you can tell if taking in a 20 month old cat is a good choice for your family.

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