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Anyone taught MFW k and 1 at the same time?


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What was your schedule like? I have read the post on the MFW forum on how to combine, but they didn't have a sample schedule. I am very used to the grid schedule and the unit study type schedule throws me off in planning. I wish it was in grid format! I may end up putting it in grid format for my sake.


I'm thinking about doing something like this:


1. Calender Time together

2. MFW K Phonics-Older sis plays with toddler

3. MFW 1 Everything-Older son plays with toddler

4. MFW K Unit study and try to include older sis and toddler


I really want My 1st grader to participate in the K units. She didn't do MFW K and I think she would really enjoy the units. Do you think it would be too much for my 1st grader to join in with the K units with out getting burned out?


I really have no idea how long my day will be teaching both curriculums.


What did you do and how long did you day last? How long does it take to teach the phonics portion of MFW K?

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I am about to do the same thing this coming year. The plan is to use MFW1 for phonics only and use MFWK for the bible and science. I will use my own math program. Then next year I will use all of MFW1 for my new 1st grader since all of it will be new to both of them. Then I can get PLL and other MFW recommendations for my now 2nd grader. I have older kids as well so she would just roll into the cycle from there.


I too wish that the TM was written in grid format also. I just might be making a grid for myself as well.

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I too wish that the TM was written in grid format also. I just might be making a grid for myself as well.


I know that's been done by some MFW users in the past... have you looked around in the files on the yahoo groups?


It's been requested to Marie several times that she re-do the TMs for K and 1st, but I think she just hasn't had time what with writing upper level programs over the past few years (and then having to update ECC recently, as well). She still has school-age children at home, too.


Also, with K and 1st being unique in that they include phonics, math and everything, I think they'd be a little harder to lay out differently. Though I've no doubt Marie has the talent for it! It just happens to be a lower priority right now than getting high school finished.

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