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Picture Study to Correlate with SOTW?

Celly B

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I am planning 1st grade to pretty much align with WTM recommendations. This week in the library I saw The Charlotte Mason Companion on the shelf and picked it up to read out of curiosity. I still subscribe to classical education, but was thinking that it would be neat to add picture study that would correspond to the times of SOTW. Is there anything out there like this that I could use with out researching works of art for the particular time periods?


Also, those of you who do picture study, what do you use? Do you use art books, pictures that you find online, or are there packets of prints that you can order?

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Thanks for the link to AO's picture study resources. There is some great stuff there. I didn't know that they had a curriculum set up for artist study!


I guess, though, that I should have used the term "art study" rather than picture study. I was wondering if there were any art curricula that matched up art with the SOTW time periods. For example in SOTW 1, I would love it if we could find ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman art. In SOTW 2, we would study art from the Middle Ages. I would imagine that SOTW 3 & 4 would be the easiest to align with Rennaisance and modern paintings. I guess I could search for images myself online, but I was hoping maybe there was already something like this out there.

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