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Need math and science suggestions for a math-lover in 2nd grade

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We have started school very gently with my ds. He is a little hot-head, but very bright. We just ended 1st grade, and he is at grade level in everything. He just turned 8. So he will be an older second grader.


Now that school is over, ds's brain has "turned on". (Don't you just love that)? :glare:


He fought me tooth and nail all through the school year. We finished everything. And NOW he turns on his brain.


It is very obvious to me that he will excel in math and science. We just finished MUS alpha, which is very gentle and basic.


I think it might not hold his attention next year. What else should I do with him? I would like to let him just fly through MUS, and supplement with something else that will interest him.


This is a little boy who wants to build things that go BOOM!, who wants to dismantle the dvd player, who wants to dissect every animal at some point (not in a weird way, just in an inquisitive way).


On long car trips, he has begun to "entertain" us by doing simple math manipulations with addition, subtraction, and time. (My other non-mathy children just groan).


So, any suggestions for math supplements for next year? Anything fun we can do over the summer that will just seem like fun, but is really math and science?


He has a list of things to make with dh, like a skateboard, a bow and arrow, and a cannon (!?). He regularly scans The Dangerous Book for Boys for ideas. :001_huh:





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My suggestions are to use Singapore math at his pace and to pick up science kits like snapcircuits and anything you think is appropriate from Thames and Kosmos.


With the science kits, I would just let him have access to them and not worry about teaching science. Also, I would give him a magnifying glass, a butterfly net, some bug boxes and a collection of field guides for his outdoor adventures.


Good luck.:001_smile:

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Definitely Singapore for math...great for most kids, really great for math-loving kids! Take the placement test though...my dd completed Horizons Math 2 and placed into Singapore Math 2A. They are more advanced...don't be surprised if he places into 1A...don't be afraid to only do 1A for his whole 2nd grade year and start 1B/2A for next year. But, if he really loves math, he might be ready to do 1A and B.


I don't know about the science since ours is all within HOD and tied in to everything else. But I've heard great things about some of those from Apologia and AiG.

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Singapore or Miquon or a combination(search there are lots of threads on both of these) for math.


For science for the summer, some science books - and how things work type of books and hands-on science kits. Lego and K'nex both have excellent education divisions that guide you through basic physics and mechanics. With an interested kid, you can just follow them around in science during the elementary years and let their interest guide you. They will learn tons.

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