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Just had to share this one...


Jared (almost 6) has called himself X-Man for probably 6 months now. For example, when he is writing in his journal, he always signs it X-Man. He has never seen the X-Men movies but has seen the commercials, so I figured that is where he picked this up and didn't think anything of it.


So he came to me last night and wanted to show me his journal. He has some writing in it, but mostly it is drawings and jokes he wanted to write down. Then we got to like 5 or 6 pages of just math problems and every single one of them had at least one variable in it. I knew he liked algebra (no idea where he learned it, but he loves doing it), but had no clue he was writing equations in his spare time.


I asked him what the equations meant and how to solve them and he explained it to me. So then I asked why he had written all these math problems and he said, "Well I *am* X-Man. I love to solve for X!"

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