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Share your plans for 5th grade?

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Going off the previous post. What about 5th grade? Anyone interested in sharing their plans?


Here is ours for DS 10yo


Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5

Science: BJU Science 5

Math: Math Mammoth 4 (w/Calculadder and Timez Attack to supplement)

Spelling: Flashkids (Harcourt) Spelling Skills 5

Logic: Logic Liftoff, Grid Perplexors

Latin: Prima Latina (or Lively Latin)

Writing: Meaningful Composition 4

Bible: Memoria Press Christian Studies I

Lit: Sonlight 4 reading list (and others we like)

History: History Odyssey Modern Times, STOW, and WTM Logic stage guidelines


Art, Music, Spanish and Typing will be done in unit studies with Artistic Pursuits, Classical Kids, Rosetta Stone, and Typing Instructor for Kids.

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Pretty much the same as our sixth grade post since we are using the same curriculum


Grammar: Sheldon's Advance Language Lessons


Composition: Story Starters (creative writing)


Spelling: Spelling Wisdom


Foreign Language: Latina Christiana


Typing: Typing Tutor


History/Bible/Science/Art History/Composers Study: My Father's World Creation to Greeks


Math: Math U See


Literature: History, Science books and other library books


Logic: Building Thinking Skills


Co-op: Music Theory and Health/PE

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Okay, let's see, taking your outline:


Grammar: Abeka C


Science: using MSNucleus.org as my "spine", with loads of other books and worksheets, experiments, etc. added in - doing earth and space science - I'm also doing two 8 week geology group classes for the year and have talked a friend into doing two 8 week astronomy classes, too


Math: finishing up the elementary Singapore series with level 6; reinforcing with some misc. Key to.... books I already own; ds will also work on algebra with a tutor some, using an older Dolciani book


Spelling: Spelling Workout H


Logic: Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective, one each semester


Latin: Latin Primer II


Writing: Writing Strands 3 and 4; also using Getty Dubay for handwriting. He may also do an online writing class with Write at Home. I haven't decided yet....


Bible: Memoria Press Christian Studies III


Lit: reading loads of historical lit to go along with our Medieval studies, but also including some worksheets I found online and used this year, too, for reinforcement, as well as a literary genre workbook I bought (although now that I look at it I like the stuff I found online better). He will also read similar works as well as science books.


History: using Kingfisher, SOTW and other sources, plus library books, etc. to cover Medieval history. He will do some of his own reading, too. I may also do an 8-10 week class covering some aspect of Medieval life.


I alternate Latin and Spanish. I'm using Spanish for Children next year. He also has a once per week hourly Spanish class with a native speaker.


I alternate Logic and Geography. I'm using the BF guide and map with a Holling book next year.


Art - He will do a once weekly, hourly class for at least the first half of the school year that will encompass some things like knitting, calligraphy, and five weeks of art history/appreciation that I will teach. He may also take a once weekly class with a local artist.


Music - he will continue piano lessons, moving into a 45 minute weekly lesson. He practices on his own time, rather than during school time. He will also begin some recorder or other lessons with this same teacher (maybe sax).


Field trips on Fridays!


I *think* that's all!

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grammar: Abeka 5

spelling: Spelling Power

writing: Ignite Your Writing

reading: DITHOR

math: Making Math Meaningful

Science: Apologia

History: BF Early American

Greek: Hey Andrew

Music: BF History of Classical plus violin

Logic: MindBenders and Logic Links

Art: Artistic Pursuits

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Here's my plan for DD (10):


Math: Saxon 54

English: Rod and Staff 3 & 4

Spelling: Spelling Power

Latin: New Elementary Latin (A used book I found and love.)

Science: McGraw-Hill Science Grade 5

Literature and History: History Odyssey Level 2, Ancients


Extras: Swimming, Karate

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Here is what we will be doing in the fall with my soon-to-be 10 yr. old


Math: finishing up RightStart and moving on to MUS


Spelling: Bartons Reading and Spelling


Grammar: Mother Tongue Book II


Writing: Classical Writing Homer


History, Science & Geography: unit studies that I will piece together myself


Art: Picture Study using Chagall and Cezanne


Music: Composer Study using Vivaldi and not sure about the other composer


Literature: Year 5 of Ambleside Online

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-- *Still* undecided!



-- LL online class

-- Latin for Children


Language Arts

-- IEW - writing

-- AAS - spelling

-- Literature on our own mostly

-- Does Memory work belong here? We do much memorizing of poetry, scripture, speeches, documents, et c.



-- Singapore via cybeRShala (love it more and more everyday!)



-- BF History of Science


History is undecided but I do have it narrowed down b/t Land of Our Lady and How America Grew (one person recommends using both . . . we shall see.)


Geography is undecided.


Fine Arts

-- Violin Lessons

-- Honors Orchestra (whoo hoo! violin, btw)

-- Piano lessons

-- I'm thinking about adding BF composer studies

-- Art lessons



-- Marital Arts

-- Play, play, play!


I just recieved the materials for our online Latin class, I've ordered AAS. I'm just now building my next year in HST and inputting Latin and maths classes and music lessons. By the time I finish that, AAS should be arriving. When AAS arrives I'll order Science and input AAS while waiting for Science . . . I'll save my undecideds for last and hopefully they'll be decided by then!

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Math: Teaching Textbooks 5



-Spectrum Vocabulary 5

-Growing w/ Grammar (finishing 3 and will do 4)

-IEW for writing

-Sequential Spelling


History: Biblioplan-American History


Geography: not sure but I have few workbks to choose from


Science: no formal program, we use units from My World Science and other resources interested


still working on cursive handwriting


Guitar Lessons

Karate lessons

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Reading: Sonlight Core 5 Readers


Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears Can Do Cursive


Grammar: Fix It Grammar


Spelling: Phonetic Zoo Spelling Level B


Writing: IEW Student Writing Intensive Level B


Vocabulary: English from the Roots Up Volume 1


Science: Biology w/ Heath's Life Science


Math: TT Math 6 & LOF Fractions


History: Van Loon's The Story of Mankind


Latin: Minimus Latin


Logic: Red Herrings Mysteries


Art: Artistic Pursuits 4-6 Book 1


PE: Tae Kwon Do

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I don't have it completely figured out yet, but here's what it looks like so far.


Grammar - R&S 5

Spelling - SWO G and H

Writing - CW Homer

Reading - daily assigned reading with narration/discussion

Math - Singapore Primary US 5A and 5B

History - Being put together by mom using The Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament, The Story of the Greek, The Story of the Romans, and maybe Usborne's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World with lots of library books

Science - *still to be decided* but I'm leaning towards the God's Design for Heaven and Earth books

Geography - *still to be decided*

Logic - BTS 2, MindBenders B series, and Think-a-grams A series

Latin - Latin for Children B

Art - Draw and Write Through History books and a Sculpy kit

Art history - *still to be decided*

Music - *still to be decided*, maybe just listening to the Master of Classical Music cds we already have??

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For my 10dd:

Junior Analytical Grammar

Spelling Workout E

Wordly Wise 3000 Bk. 5

HWT Cursive Success

Writing Trails in American History & Write with the Best

Reading as described in the new WTM & Abeka Read & Think 6

Biblioplan 1850-Modern w/US Pres. notebook pages thrown in

Continue to memorize states & capitols w/flashcards, puzzles, & computer games

God's Design for Chemistry & nature journaling

Horizons Math 5 & daily fact drill on the computer

Lively Latin

Learn French in the Car & DS My French Coach

Studying God's Word G

Perplexors, Revenge of the Logic Spiders, 5 Minute Mysteries

Harmony Fine Arts (either 4 or 8)

Ballet & homeschool PE class

HomeEc for Homeschoolers

AVKO typing

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OUt 5th grade plan looks like this:


Saxon 7/6 & Life of Fred Fractions

Rod & Staff English 4

Latin Prep 1

Mystery of History/SOTW 1 combo

Imitations in Writing Aesop & Poetry Primer

Figuratively Speaking

Real Science 4 Kids Level 1 (Chem, Biology, & Physics)

Geography Songs & Challenging Geography

(Finish A Child's Geography)


Piano & Judo

Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4 or 5

Usborne Complete Book of Art (I think that's what it's called) for Art Appreciation

Drawing With Children/How to Teach Art to Children (will restart Tuesday night family art class)

I'm thinking of going with some Vox Music Masters CDs for Music Appreciation

I've got Living Memory & Harp & Laurel Wreath for Memory Work

How to Study Your Bible For Kids

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Bible: family devotions put together by mom:)

Math: finish TT6 and do TT7

Grammar: Easy Grammar 5 & 6

Lit Analysis: ????????? (still TBD any suggestions?)

Writing: ???????? (still TBD, any suggestions?)

History and Literature: History Odyssey Ancients Level 2 with lots of SL6 readers added in

Science: RS4K Chemistry Level 1, then Physics Level 1, then "Colors" from Rainbow publishing (if it ever actually gets published:confused:)

Vocabulary: Worldly Wise 3000 Bk. 5

Spelling: SWO E and F

Geography: Trail Guide to World Geography

Logic: Logic Countdown, Logic Liftoff, Orbiting with Logic

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Grammar/Writing: Rod & Staff 5

Spelling: CHC Speller F

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 300 Book 6

Math: Saxon 65 with DIVE CD

Science: Apologia YE Zoology 1

Latin: Latina Christiana 1

Catechism: Faith & Life 5

Bible: Memoria Press Christian Studies I

History: History Odyssey Ancients Level 2 plus MODG 7th grade and Sonlight Core 6 readers and Dorothy Mills' books

Music: Composer study and piano lessons

Art: Seton Art 5

Other: Typing, homeschool PE and Swim Team

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Grammar: R&S 5

Science: BJU Science 5

Math: Horizons 5

Spelling: Megawords 1 & 2

Logic: Mind Benders Books

Latin: She did Latina Christiana a couple of years ago. We're either going to do a quick review using LfCA then go to LfC B, or she'll do Latin Alive with her brother.

Writing: Outlining book from Remedia publications, and narration and dictation. I may pull in some things from Write with the Best.

Bible: haven't decided yet

Literature: TOG Year 3

History: TOG Year 3

Art: Artpac 6 or 7 with her brother. Art appreciation with TOG

Music: piano lessons. Her mother is also supposed to be teaching her the flute. Music history from TOG

PE Homeschool jumprope group, golf, swimming, and soccer

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Here is ours for DD 10yo


Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5

Science: God's Design for Life and Heaven and Earth

Math: Teaching Textbook 5

Spelling: Spelling Workout D and E

Logic: Mind Benders

Latin: Latins not so Tough 3

Writing: Writing Tales 1

Bible: Sonlight core 5

Lit: Sonlight 5

History: Sonlight core 5

Art: I Can do all things (finishing up)

Music: lessons

Greek: Hey Andrew Teach me some Greek 3

Typing Mavis Beacon


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Grammar: Rod & Staff

Writing: CW Homer

Typing: Some random book I had from college and Spongebob Typing (I know.... I know... but it's working quite well!!!!

Spelling: Spelling Workout - McGuffey's Eclectic Speller

Math: Singapore 5A - 5B, Life of Fred - Fractions & Decimals

Science: My Pals are Here - Singapore Science 5&6

Geography: Geography for Every Kids - Janice VanCleave

Music: Classical Kids, guitar

Art: Mark Kistler's online drawing program, Discovering Great Artists, and watercolor, painting, drawing with Daddy

PE: swimteam, Biathlon, and Mountaineering/survival skills with Daddy

Latin: Great Latin Adventure

French: Rosetta Stone

Logic: Mind Benders, Memory Challenge

History: SOTW Ancients - and supplements

Other: Getting ready for babysitting skills..... First aide/CPR, cooking, and lots of helping with the crazy little brothers :D

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Grammar/Writing: Rod & Staff 5


Literature: WTM list with more in-depth reading as we find it.


Handwriting: ZB 5 and 6


Typing: Some kind of online tutorial


Spelling: Spelling Workout G? F? H? (I need to look and see which we need... it all runs together.)


Math: Singapore 5B-6A (or B)


Science: My Pals are Here - Singapore Science 5&6


Music: handbell class with performances


Art: watercolor, painting, drawing with Daddy


PE: tennis, basketball, swimming


Latin: First Form Latin I and II


Spanish: Rosetta Stone


Logic: Logic Liftoff, Orbiting, etc...


History: WTM Logic stage history rec.


Other: LEGO Robotics League

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For my 10 year old ds:


Bible, memory work, history, science, Latin/Greek roots,

art and music: MFW RtoR

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5

Spelling: Spelling Today (older used book I found and really like)

Writing: alternating Writing Strands and IEW Medieval writing lessons

Math: Scott Foresman Exploring Mathematics 5

Logic: Mind Benders

Literature: Elson Readers and other books we add in

Latin: Latin for Children


Extras: once a week tutorial, golf, boy scouts (hopefully!)

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TOG (finish Y2 and start Y3) for history, literature, geography, and fine arts


RS E and Singapore 5 for math


Rod and Staff English 5 and Spelling 5 (we will not be adding a separate writing program but we will do one outline and 2 written notebook pages each week)


God's Design for Life Sciences (he doesn't want to join his brother with botany and I thought I would let him have some input in choosing his curriculum)


First Form Latin

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Memoria Press Christian Studies II

Junior Analytical Grammar

Classical Writing Aesop B

Wordly Wise--haven't decided which edition yet

MEP Math Year 5 and Singapore 5A/5B

Latina Christiana II co-op class

SOTW 3 with Activity Guide

Chemistry--may do RS4K, may do Adventures with Atoms and Molecules with Science Encyclopedia

Guitar lessons

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5th grade:


math - singapore math

science - singapore science

history/geography - Sonlight core 6

grammar - Fix-It-Grammar

writing - IEW student intensive continuation course

literature - Sonlight readers

spelling - phonetic zoo level B

coop - more science, music, geography/culture



? Spanish


I'm sure I'm missing stuff.

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Bible, History, Science: MFW Ex-1850

Latin: Lively Latin

Writing: IEW

Grammar: Analytical Grammar Year 1

Spelling: Megawords

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting F

Math: Singapore 4b/ 5a

Literature: 1 Progeny Press guide per quarter

Typing; Typing Instructor

PE: Gymnastics

Music: Violin Lessons

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Forgot a few things
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First Form/Henle




Home2teach/IEW SWI B


BJU Reading/TOG lit./Ambleside


Sadlier Oxford Vocab.


Harcourt Spelling


Rod STaff English


Harcourt Science/RS4K


TOG1/American History


SYRWTL French 1 (everybody)


Philosophy for Kids

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10 y/o ds will be doing the following for 5th grade:


HOD Bigger Hearts for His Glory with Extensions (chose this because it is Am History)


CLE Math (finish 4, begin 5)

CLE LA (finish 3, begin 4)


Finish ETC Book 8

CLE Bible

Spectrum US Geog + States and Capitals

Speedy Spanish I

Typing Instructor for Kids


Co-op: Art, Tae-kwan-do, and beginning Spanish (1 hour per class per week)

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Math: Teaching Textbooks


English: LLATL ; WWE (to provide summarizing and note taking skills never covered) ; VocabuLit ; Spelling Workout


Science: RS4K biology. Supplement with [ ? ] to fill out the year. Will teach this to dd and her bf, once per week for the labs and discussion.


Science/Health : probably the 5th grade health textbook from ABeka.


History of Science: home-made course for history of science during the "ancient period". Spine books are from a series of history-of-science books, specifically the volumes for Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and something else. (post-lunch slump here) Will teach this to dd and same bf, once per week.


Spanish: Calvert Spanish elective course, 1-A. I'm not enamoured of the textbook; however, I wanted the ready-made lessons. Unfortunately, I don't think much of Rosetta Stone, and disliked what I saw of "The Learnables" at the bookfair. PowerGlide does not appeal. Slim pickings for this age group, frankly. I prefer a secular foreign language course, too.


History: In theory, some sort of home-cobbled course on ancient history. Need to rely on secular materials (because it usually is far easier to add God, then to revise God, in a textbook). History, frankly, is my worry-point. Not at all that we lack resources [LOL] ! Just that there is so much amongst which to choose. I need to be comprehensive without going into overkill (the danger). Probably shall use the maligned-or-loved, depending on ones viewpoint, "white Kingfisher" book for the spine. The narrative is much better suited for outlining than is the narrative from the "red Kingfisher" book. (Usborne books feature manic page layout, so aren't in the running.) Probably will use Greenleaf "Famous Men" books for Rome and Greece (because already have them).


Literature: open shooting here. Have NO idea yet !


Religion: continuing foundations of the Orthodox Christian faith.


Geography: Correlated with history studies, as well as with religious studies.

Art history: Calvert's elective, History of Painting. (again, teaching this once-per-week to dd and bf)


[i'm packing science and "extras" into the every Tuesday session for dd with bf.]


Music: If money remains after these ever-skyrocketing medical bills, dd wants to resume piano lessons. (We stopped in order to receive results of the educational testing.) May God bless us with enough money for that !


Physical Education: Roller skating lessons


Have I overlooked anything ? :biggrinjester:

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My rising 5th grader will do:


Heart of Dakota: Preparing Hearts for His Glory w/ Extentions

(includes: bible, music, history, dictation, copywork, written narrations, science, poetry, and art)


MUS Epsilon


Rod and Staff Grammar/ Queen's Lanuguage Lessons Elementary Child 2


First Form Latin


Daily Bible reading out of the Day by Day Bible

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Bible: AWANA and daily Bible reading, maybe a CBS class

Math: CLE 400 series

Writing: narrations, dictation, The Write Stuff Adventure

Grammar: finish EG 3, then ? (maybe Winston Basic or R & S 4)

Spelling: dictation

History, Science, Literature, artist/composer study: Ambleside Online year 4

Music: piano

PE: karate, mountain-biking


For 5th grade this year, my dd did:


Bible: AWANA, daily Bible reading and CBS (studied Mark and Ephesians)

Math: CLE 400

Writing: dictation, written narrations, free writes

Grammar: EG 4/5

Spelling: dictation

History, Science, Literature: my own list of books

Music: piano

PE: tennis lessons, swimming

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Writing: Finish WT 2/IEW theme based MA or Logos

Grammar: Finish GWG 5

Literature: MA - Ambleside (Year 2/Year 7)/Yesterday's Classics/SL

History: MA - same as literature

Math: old textbook Triangle Arithmetic

Science: PHE/BJU/R&S one of the three

Latin: D'Ooge Latin for Beginners may switch to Latin Prep

Logic: Dandylion Logic books


We might start learning the vocabulary from SYRWTL Spanish I from Galore Park


I think I'm forgetting something, but that's the main stuff.

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My 10 yo DD will be doing the following:


Math: Singapore 5A & 5B, Key to Fractions & Key to Decimals

Grammar: Junior Analytical Grammar

Writing: Classical Writing Aesop B

Spelling: Spelling Workout F & G

Latin: Lively Latin

History: History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients

Geography: Canada Map Book Level 3

Science: How Nature Works, How the Body Works

Typing: Mavis Beacon

Life Skills: Stitches & Pins, Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

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Literature: Ambleside Year 4

Reading: DITHOR

Writing: IEW SWI A

Penmanship: Copywork and HWT Cursive

Spelling/Grammar: SWR and Dictation

Typing: Dance Mat and other free resources

Latin: NO IDEA which program to use.

Spanish: We have been using Rosetta Stone but she doesn't care for it -looking for something else.


Math: Singapore 4B and 5A -hopefully get to 5B; Life of Fred Decimals

Logic: Logic Liftoff

Science: Physics units with Lego league, Ben Franklin experiments, Snap circuit unit, and Gizmos and Gadgets unit

Geography: A Child's Geography and Holling books; mapwork and geography bee drills

Nature Studies: Trees for first semester -will decide spring lessons later when I see what resources are available around here.

**She's doing History of Horses by BeautifuL Feet as a supplement


History: Ambleside Year 4 supplemented with some Sonlight Year 3 selections

Citizenship: Plutarch study from Ambleside

Economics: Money Counts scout program


Music: Themes to Remember; Looking into music instrument lessons for her but cost is a factor right now.

Art: Picture Studies (not sure who are artists will be yet); I Can Do All Things art and How to Draw Horses; May sign up for outside art class.

Drama: Odssey of the Mind group; Hopefully Drama club via homeschool group


PE: Tumbling class; Horseback riding lessons, park playdates, etc.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Math: Math-U-See Zeta, Life of Fred Fractions

Bible: Character Building for Families Vol. 1 by Lee Ann Rubam, weekly memory verses, individual quiet time

History: Story of the World Volume 2 (DS1 has already read Volumes 1-4). We will read the SOTW spine daily and then complete narrations, activities, map work and additional reading material from the SOTW Vol. 2 Activity Guide. (I still need to do some more reading about how to step up history this year for my 5th grader.)

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing Fun and Fascinating Student Resource Notebook (DS1 completed IEW’s Student Writing Intensive Level A last year, so this year we will focus on mastering more fully the concepts learned last year.)

Logic: Logic Links and Fallacy Detective

Grammar: Daily Grams Grade 6, Easy Grammar Grade 6

Penmanship: Daily copywork using sheets created by Mom using StartWrite Software.

Phonics: Victory Drill book, Megawords

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise Grade 7 and reinforcement through games on the Wordly Wise site, Analogies Connections

Geography: Map Skills by Continental Press

Spelling: Spelling Power

Science: Apologia Astronomy

Art/Music: Wonderful go-along with our SOTW Vol. 2 studies available on the elemental_science Yahoo group. (This is fabulous!!!)

Typing: Typing Tutor

Music: Weekly piano lessons and daily practice

Manners: A manners book (read to boys 5-10 minutes several times a week)

Memorization: From a variety of sources, including the Bible and Living Memory

Required reading each day as well as possibly incorporating Red Hot Root Words, Vocabulary Vine or some other Latin/Greek roots study.

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Here's our 5th grade plan:


Math: Multiple resources

Lang. Arts: Spelling Mastery D, IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating, Evan Moor Grammar, HWOT Cursive, Literature via WTM Ancients list, and Vocabulary Cartoons.

History: SOTW I with AG

Science: The Science Detective

Logic: Logic Countdown

Bible & Memory Work: via Mom

Art, PE & Music: via outside classes



Lit Book List: Gilgamesh the Hero, Egyptian Myths, In Search of a Homeland, Black Ships Before Troy, The Wandersings of Odysseus, D'Aulaires' Greek Myths.


He'll read additional books not related to history cycle.

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English: Rod and Staff 5

Math: Rod and Staff 6

Latin: Latin Prep 2

History: SOTW 2 and Kingfisher (WTM-style)

Literature: Middle Ages (WTM-style)

Science: Astronomy (WTM-style)

Music: Violin--weekly private lessons plus orchestra at the public school and composer studies.

Art: Drawing, painting, sculpting plus artist studies.


I haven't made a firm decision on Hunter's logic studies yet.

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Here's what we did this year:


Latin: Henle Units 1&2


Math: Finished Right Start E, started Singapore 5


Writing/Grammar: CW Homer A, CW Poetry


History: TOG Y2 units 3&4, Y3 units 1&2


Literature: my own list


Classical Studies: D'Aulaire's Greek Myths, The Children's Homer


Piano, scouts, soccer, homeschool PE class

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Heart of Dakota's Preparing Hearts for His Glory w/ Extension Books

Heart of Dakota's Drawn Into the Heart of Reading

Rod & Staff English 4

English From the Roots Up, Latin Roots

Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek

MathUSee Delta

Singapore's Challenging Word Problems 3 & 4

Manners Made Easy

Noeo's Chemistry 2

pre-logic workbook, I'm going to use whatever the Bluedorns recommend for a 10 year old, can't recall the title

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English: Rod and Staff 5

Math: Rod and Staff 6

Latin: Latin Prep 2

History: SOTW 2 and Kingfisher (WTM-style)

Literature: Middle Ages (WTM-style)

Science: Astronomy (WTM-style)

Music: Violin--weekly private lessons plus orchestra at the public school and composer studies.

Art: Drawing, painting, sculpting plus artist studies.


I haven't made a firm decision on Hunter's logic studies yet.


What did Hunter do before Latin Prep 2? My ds finished Latin for Children Primers A, B & C and we might do Henle next year but we aren't sure. Primer C got pretty hairy towards the end....there seems to be an annoying leap to much more challenging stuff, like all of a sudden they are translating English into Latin??? Anyway, I'll have to remember that your son studies violin and Latin too. My son just won the local concerto competition in his division -- woohoo! Almost all of the competitors were homeschoolers, which did not go unnoticed by the judges.


Thanks, Julie

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FOr DS11 and DD10 next year, grade 5 will be:


History: Sonlight Core 3, 100, and WP AS1 all mixed together with Canadian history alongside it.


Grammar: Ds R&S finish 3 & then 4, DD CLE (not sure what level yet)


Science: Sonlight Sci 4, and possibly Noeo if we get through sci 4 quickly; Apologia Zoo1 over the summer


Math: finish MUS Gamma and then delta; horizons 3 & 4 to supplement


Spelling: SWO and sequential spelling


Logic: Logic links, perplexors and games


Latin: Finish Prima latina and then LC1


Writing: Meaningful composition 4+, draw write now, and WWE3/4(to work on narration/dictation)


Bible: Finish Christian studies 1 then 2


Literature: SL core 3 and 100, plus whatever titles we decide to throw in


Art: Artisitic Pursuits


Music: study of the orchestra/composers, and instrument lessons


French: Mission Monde


Cursive: DS A reason for handwriting; DD HWOT 4


Vocabulary: MCP word study and wordly wise


Typing, home ec, wood work: Typing instructor for kids, home ec for homeschoolers, sewing time weekly (dd), woodwork time(projects tbd) weekly (ds)

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Math: Singapore 5 (with CWP 4), Life of Fred Decimals and Percents, possibly take a look at RS Geometry. Ds loves geometry, and the Right Start program.


LATIN: Really open to advice here. Finishing LFC Primer C now (we homeschool year-round). Possibly Henle (I own this) or Latin Prep 2 ??? Advice appreciated on this. Will continue with Lingua Latina -- Familia Romana.


HISTORY: Finish SOTW 4, and possibly begin some sort of ancients study based on suggestions in Latin-Centered Curriculum. Mostly because I really want to do the IEW Ancients book.


GRAMMAR: Finish GWG 5 (this summer), either move to GWG 6 or R&S 6. I've never bought R & S before, but I looked at samples online and am intrigued by its rigor.


LITERATURE: will muddle along with WTM's help.


WRITING: CW Homer, but also IEW Ancients in case we get fed up with Homer.


MUSIC: violin lessons, orchestra, chamber ensemble


ART: occasional art classes at the local art center


SCIENCE: The Elements and also Carbon Chemistry. Same author -- I can look it up if you are curious.


P.E.: mostly karate and some skiing. He does yoga when I insist, like when he is stressing out about something.


SPELLING: Scripps Spelling Bee study, and possibly continue with Spelling Workout G?


That's all I can think of --- he does a lot of Lego Robotics, but probably no competition next year.



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Math Math-U-See Epsilon

English Growing with Grammar 5/ Winston Grammar/ Sentence Family/ IEW/ Further Up Further In (with audio CD's)

Reading Remediation/Spelling Wilson

History BJU Heritage Studies 5 /Trail Guide to US Geography

Science Sonlight 5 Health, Medicine, and Human Anatomy

Art Feed My Sheep

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