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Life can sure throw some curve balls!!!

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I woke up yesterday with an abscessed wisdom tooth. :( I called a totally unknown oral surgeon this morning and I am now having 3 wisdom teeth pulled at 230!!!


My oldest ds arrived last night for his visit over spring break. We were supposed to go to Colonial Williamsburg today and Jamestown/Yorktown on Wed. And a bunch of other stuff.


Now I am going to be chipmunk cheeks and pathetic. :( :( :( And he won't be here again until the summer.


I am trying to look on the bright side that it didn't happen 2 weeks ago when everyone had the horrid stomach thing. The boxes are almost all unpacked. School was going to be minimal this week anyway b/c of ds being here. (but part of me wants to pity party anyway.)

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...but part of me wants to pity party anyway.)


You got it, girlfriend! I'm so sorry -- that just stinks! And, I know that pain because I've been there with it. Ugh! I am curious as to why they're taking out three at once instead of just the one that's giving you trouble. Maybe it's preventive? Hope it all goes well. Tylenol 3 may become your best friend in Williamsburg. Here's to feeling well enough to enjoy it, with or without poofy cheeks. :(






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I know a lady who had her wisdom teeth pulled and went to Disneyland with chipmunk cheeks! LOL, of course

hers weren't abcessed, DH was flown home during his very first work up cruise (2 week cruise) because his wisdom tooth had abscessed- he was very sick from it for a couple of days. Praying that you don't get ill, and that maybe you'll be after to go out and enjoy your son's visit after all. :D

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I am home and totally loopy! :) I guess it went really well since I can't remember a thing.


It is funny how things work out. 2 yrs ago I had a wisdom tooth abscess. My dd was a newborn and I had to choose between pain meds or nursing. I chose nursing and opted to only have the one taken out since I didn't think I could manage the pain of 4 without meds.


Well today I found out our new insurance will only pay for general anaesthesia if you are having 3 or more teeth removed. They all needed to come out anyway......so that was the push I needed. ;) Heck, I could barely open my mouth. There was NO way I was having it taken out without being knocked out.


Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I am lying in bed in my jammies, door closed, and everyone is being told to leave me alone tonight. Since I am so drugged I can't feel anything, right now all is amazingly well. :)

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Well, when mine were absce...absecc...needed to come out, I got an emergency appt to the oral surgeon, who got me in right away to go over the surgery. Then she wouldn't schedule the actual removal because she. was. going. out. of. town. :confused::confused::confused:


On the up side, the drugs they give you afterward are nice, Pam's right. And the ice cream? I think I lived on ice cream, yogurt, & iced coffee a little longer than I really needed to. lol :rolleyes:


I'll bet you're able to enjoy your ds w/in a day or two. Or, he'll enjoy you! Happy loopiness! (And I hope it all turns out...memorable? You've got sympathy here!!)

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Yes, I had all of mine removed at once too. I remember being awake one second and then suddenly it all went black. And I remember waking up too. So strange. And yes, I looked like Marlon Brando in The Godfather for a couple of days. So I totally empathize with the way you're feeling now! :)

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