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WWYD-ebay purchase damaged in shipping

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what would you do in the following situation?

I ordered a set of books from a seller on ebay. The books all arrived in great condition, except for one. Two of the books were standing upright, instead of laying flat, in the box, and one of those books was damaged. It is a hb book, and the cover was bent. It looks like maybe another box was set on top of this box during shipping and put too much pressure on that one spot.

Is the seller responsible for this kind of damage?

What would you expect to happen?

This particular book is part of a set.



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If it is obvious that it was likely damaged in shipping, then I would just go on and not say anything. As someone who sells, I would hate for someone to come back on me with something that was damaged in shipping - especially if it is still usable. You always have the option of purchasing insurance...and if you chose not to, then there is not much you can do. That is just my 2 cents.

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When I had to file an insurance claim the seller had to send me the insurance slip and receipt. I had to keep ALL packing materials including the ruined box to prove damage. Don't throw anything away!!!!


I then had to prove value of the item. I printed off an amazon price for same item.


I had to take all the above and the mailed items to the PO, fill out a form and wait forever!


Ask your PO for specifics because I've heard different POs do things a little differently.


If the person did not get insurance but you pd for it, then have them at least refund the insurance cost.

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