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How do you know if your child is "accelerated"?


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I don't think we're subscribed to any particular definition -- just "ahead". So if you have a 7 year old who would normally be working on 1st or 2nd grade materials, but is working on materials that are harder than that (reading at a higher level, doing more complicated math), then that would be accelerated.


I think you'll find on this board that a) we're not too hung up on the technicalities ;) and b) our kids may be a little ahead, a lot ahead, or all-over-the-place-level-wise. And of course a kid who is ahead in one thing could easily still be average or behind in another.


If you want the technicalities, there's an excellent website at www.hoagiesgifted.com with more discussion than one person could read in a year LOL But that's "giftedness" (in an "IQ" sense) rather than "acceleration" (in a "what are you working on" sense)

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