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Susan & Jessie are offering STUDENT WORKSHOPS!

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Conference Season is at its height right now! Susan, Jessie and I have been traveling almost every weekend and will continue through July. I am looking at the conference schedule and the new workshops they are offering this year. Wow! I am so excited, and I know that so many of you are too. Susan and Jessie have been offering parents great practical teaching advice in books and speaking workshops for many years now. However, this year they are now including student hands-on workshops at conferences too. If you have not had the opportunity to hear Susan and Jessie speak recently, I would like to encourage you to attend the Northern Virginia Homeschooling Conference on July 10 and 11. Susan and Jessie will be featured speakers there and will be presenting workshops for parents and students! For more information about these workshops go to http://www.novaconference.net/workshops.shtml.

For a list of other conference engagements, please go to http://www.welltrainedmind.com/speaking.php.

You may contact me, Suzanne Hicks, Conference Manager, at Suzanne@welltrainedmind.com.

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Thank you! What an incredible opportunity! Susan and her mom are so faithful about attending the NOVA conference every year. I have -- several times -- walked right by them, too shy to even introduce myself, but very glad to see them in person.


I'll look forward to the workshops!

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