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I know this book isn't for everyone but I really like it!!


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I purchased The Story of England by Samuel B. Harding and I just love this book. Keep in mind that dd loves old books and is really excited about using this one ,and a couple of others I have, for history this year (just so you don't think I force this on her!):001_smile:


At the end of each chapter is a section titled Topics for Thought and Search.

Here is a sample from Chapter 35:


Read an account of Napoleon Bonaparte's boyhood and rise to power.

Read an account of the Battle of Trafalgar (See Southey's "Life of Nelson", chapter 9)

Write an account of the Battle of Waterloo.

Read aloud Byron's verses on the festivities at Brussels the night before Waterloo ("Childe Harold," canto 3,stanzas 21-25).

Show how men like Drake and the Earl of Chatham had prepared England for her victory over the French Revolution. Show that Hargreaves and Watt had contributed to this same end.


Whenever the chapter included a "Read an account of..." I would look it up and print it out. I retyped all the questions and added words like "See Map 4, or See Handout 8 or See Worksheet 1 and then I add the map or handout, which is a printout of say the poem by Byron ("Childe Harold") and put it behind the page of questions. I have a book copy of Story of England but I also have the pdf from Google. This made it easier to download and print out the maps from the book. I love how he includes poetry, Shakespeare, and other selections from history to add to the chapter. I love the questions since they are just right for her age and level (where she is and where I want to get her to). I love that he includes some map work. I have adapted some of this and add to it but have not had to do too much with it.


Here is another section from chapter 11:


Review the history of the connection of Normandy with England.

Show that King John had no place in the hearts of his subjects.

Apply this quotation to John: "A knight without truth, a king without justice, and a christian without faith."

Write a brief account of the importance of the Great Charter.


These questions will allow her to stretch in thinking and writing. Yes, she will be writing out the answers to these questions. I don't think I will make this too formal though.


There are a couple of sections where he refers to a story about a particular person and I have found it in 50 Famous Stories. I used these to add to her Classical Writing (Take Your Art With You) so that I can use our skills to write across the curriculum. I do plan on holding her accountable for some of the paragraphs she writes for these answers with what she has already learned in Classical Writing.


Sorry, to go on.... I just love that I feel like I have history better planned this year. This has been an off year for us and we need to make sweeping changes this year. The book is harder to find in print than many other books out there(although it is free at Google). I just wanted to share how even off-the-beaten path books can be made useful.



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I am looking at this for American history. Most of the books are available through google. It also has a Things to Remember, Things to Read and Things to do for every chapter. It's also graded and gets more intense the further along you get.

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Thank you so much for sharing this book! I like it already and I've only scanned two chapters and the table of contents. I downloaded already too but it is much easier to look through when already on my computer.


Thank you!:001_smile:

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Keep in mind that dd loves old books and is really excited about using this one ,and a couple of others I have, for history this year (just so you don't think I force this on her!):001_smile:


I had to laugh a little at this, because I for one am perfectly comfortable with forcing old books on my dd! :lol: And I am glad I've (just recently) started doing so, because it is inspiring in her a love of these stories that she just didn't have when we read more modern, simplified versions. And she's really started enjoying the older language, now that she's getting a feel for it. It makes her feel very fancy and proper. :D


Thanks so much for this info! I will keep this resource in mind for her when she's a bit older.

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I know what you mean about fancy and proper. Both of my girls (ages 12 and 6) love to play dress-up. My dds best friend and her little sister come over or my girls go to their house and absolutely always play dress-up and love to use their English accents. It is really cute! They dig out my old books and play school. I have to laugh at that. They finally get some free time and then they turn around and play school!!

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