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Putting together my own record and planning book...


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What all should I include? I have a few books and sheets here that I love, but not all of them are put together to make it workable. I love so many sheets and parts of other books, just not one as a whole. So, I decided to pick and choose from what I have and put it all together. Then get is spiral bound.


I want this to be a record of lesson plans, schedules, attendance, grades, curriculum used, goals, evaluation sheets, everything. So, if something ever happened that questioned our schooling I will have a record of it.


So, what would you use/ include in this if you were making it? What sheets or forms should I make sure make it into this?


I plan on making one for each year. I was think that I would include a couple pocket sheets in it to hold loose papers like the letter of intent to the school board and stuff like that.


Should I copy off the scope and sequence at the beginning of the books? I was thinking this would cover the "what info was covered" part of the book.


Any help would be great.

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If I were you, I'd think about making it loose-leaf this year, so you can make adjustments through the year. Then next year you will be ready to spiral bound your final tested product for use in future years.

I prefer my loose-leaf self-created one, just for this reason - so I can make changes. I haven't yet come up with something that I don't change part-way through the year, but I am getting close!

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I made my own planner this year and opted to put the pages in a 3 ring binder so I can add and delete easily.

I am still tweaking it...


Some things that I really like:

A monthly list of books we read for school. (Before I just listed them on our daily pages, but I like being able to look back through only a few pages instead of looking through every single day)

A monthly list of extracurricular activities. (Just because I am Type A and like lists)

I have two pages for each and every week of the year. This was my main complaint with pre-made planners - they only have pages for a typical school year. We start our school year in January and school year round. I wanted to have a place to record field trip information or outside classes, even if we were not officially schooling that week.

I list all of our curriculum used and ISBN numbers of workbooks, where applicable.

An on-going calendar, six months to a page, where I record our official number of school days. I can see at a glance how many days we have schooled, when we took breaks and field trips.



I wanted an on-going checklist of subjects, so I could record things like history, science, art and music and see at a glance that we were getting all the extra's covered. It ended up being too much busy work for me.

I wanted to start a reading log for my son. Didn't work, as DS reads bits and pieces of books here and there. (He pulls science and history books off the shelves and reads a page of this and a page of that.) Will try again when he is older and, hopefully, actually sitting down and reading a book cover to cover. :tongue_smilie:

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I get planner crazy this time of year!! I actually just updated my planner post last night with pictures. You can check it out as I also have links and descriptions.




I agree that the first year you make your planner, it should be loose leaf. I did this last year. This year, however, I had one spiral bound and it's exactly what I want and need!!



Liz in NC

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I'm not sure if this falls within the parameters of your planner, but I love the new sheet i designed for my planner--my "day out page" This is where I list all the things I need to get when I go on my weekly shopping/library runs. Mine has sections for a grocery list, library books to check out/reserve, and supplies for upcoming crafts and experiments. I put one at the beginning of each 2 page week spread and keep one week ahead of all the stuff I need--no more running out at the last minute for whatever it is I need for our science class! When it is "shopping day" I tear out the sheet and take it with me as I make my rounds


I also agree with the others that using a 3 ring binder for the first year may prove more workable.

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