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MOH with Beautiful Feet?

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Hey Cindy,

just jumped on to read about planning 6th grade :) aghhhh and saw your post.


Anyhow, I just thought I'd mention to call BF. I think the medieval one is one they upgraded or are upgrading recently. We're going to be on that sequence of history too.


We were considering BF if we jumped from TOG.



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Hi Stephanie! I still have to get your TOG stuff to you. There are several of us who are going to link together for history and science next year. I need both the accountability and the help! I've never used MOH, but one of the moms loves it and it doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming as TOG. How is it possible that I love history so much, but have such a hard time figuring out what to do with it? Is it perfectionism rearing it's ugly head? Anyway, I will call BF, maybe not this afternoon, but tomorrow, and then post what they recommend.


Oh, and I shut down my FB account. Just didn't need something else taking my time. BUT, I feel about out of the loop as far as Amy's baby. Any news yet?

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I'm in the same spot. How can it be so hard? Simply teach them the word, and my days would be breezy. Forget all this academic stuff.


Not really wanting to do the work required with TOG. Maybe you're up for another family? :)


Anyway - Amy's being induced today supposedly last I heard. She's absolutely full with baby and beautiful as can be.

Praying for her

Talk soon


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I know this post was from a few months ago, but wondering if anyone has tried combining MOH II with BF Medieval Guide... I'd like to do something like this in the fall, but not quite sure how to implement? Cindy did you get an answer from BF?


Thanks for your help!

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